e h h g r o u p
About Us

EHH was established on May 8th, 1995, in an area of more than 100 Rais with an initial capital of THB 50 million. The management has continuously expanded the operation to support the growth of the domestic and international rubber industry’s demand.

Currently, our registered capital is THB 200 million. E Hup Huat is widely known and well-recognized for efficiency among Thailand’s rubber producers.

The company has 4 directors’ names are:

Mr. Sompob Angkasuwan (Chairman)

Mr. Phisit Angkasuwan (Managing Director)

Mrs. Sunee Angkasuwan (Director)

Mr. Noraphon Angkasuwan (Director)

In 2017, we built a new factory in a 45Rais area in Sabayoi district, Songkhla, under the registered name of Sabayoi Latex Company Limited, with initial registered capital of THB 70 million.


Social Activities

Our aim

E-hup Huat Co., Ltd. has been doing business alongside society and surrounding communities for over a decade. Adherence to business ethics and considering the stakeholders, i.e., customers, employees, and surrounding communities. The aim is to raise and develop the quality of life of employees and people in the community as a good foundation for building a sustainable society.

The Company realizes that building a sustainable and robust surrounding community is essential. It can't operate alone. In addition to the Company's activities, it aims to build alliances and networks with other organizations. To create cooperation and support agencies that play a role in helping the community. To increase opportunities for activities to achieve goals and create widespread benefits Along with cultivating employees to have a volunteer spirit. have a public consciousness Responsible to the community and society by allowing employees to have direct experience from participating in various social activities of the Company because they are the critical force in driving the activities for the community and the Company to progress and continually.

The Company's community activities guidelines are consistent with the Company's operations. The Company monitors the operating results for the benefit of society and expands the results. Develop activities to create widespread benefits to society with the aim of society including the development community in all dimensions of sustainability