e h h g r o u p


EHH GROUP is a well-known natural latex and block rubber exporter. We are committed to produce international quality products to meet the needs of customers both domestic and overseas. We thrive for continuous development in order to ensure our customers’ highest satisfaction.


E Hup Huat has the total production capacity of 60,000 tons annually of which 12,000 tons are STR (Standard Thai Rubber), 10,000 tones are Block Rubber (EHH80) 2,000 tons are Skim Block and 36,000 tons is Latex Concentrated.

Sabayoi Latex has the total production capacity of Latex concentrate 40,000 tons per year. Skim Blanket 3,000 tons per year

Our Business philosophy

  • F = Fair price
  • I = Improve
  • R = Responsibility
  • S = Sincere
  • T = Trust

Our Customer